Hello, I’m Rebecca, creator of The Free From Foodie. By day I am a Marketing Executive and any other time self confessed foodie and lover of food.

Allergies and intolerances feature in my life, with close members of family and myself living with them. My mum has a nut allergy, my aunt has coeliac disease, my boyfriends mum has diabetes and is on a low carb lifestyle and I have a dairy intolerance and IBS. Overall, a lot.

As a lover of food I’m not willing to compromise in my favourite foods – and neither should anyone else – and this blog is an outlay to my tried and tested experiments that I now use over and over in the kitchen.

Disclaimer: Whilst I cook with free from ingredients in my kitchen, I would urge you to ensure the ingredients you use are ok for you before use. Always read the label before buying a product.